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5:15:00 PM

I feel like there's this perception among fashion bloggers--and it's one that really doesn't work for me--that you have to look your absolute best to justify a post. (This is rather different on your jolly neighborhood tumblr, where daily outfit posts, even those featuring, like, dirty sweatpants, are ultra-common.) You know what? I don't always look my best. Sometimes I wear sneakers and a sweatshirt. And that's OK. It's not a sin to tell the internet about your Converse. Not every day features stilettos. 
That being said, this is one of my cuter lazy outfits. Can we establish rolled jeans and silly socks as my signature look? I'm pretty short, and pants designed for shorter legs cost more than I'm willing to pay. 
Galaxy prints are everywhere lately. I'm not actually cool enough to own any. This sweatshirt is its less-hip third cousin: abstract storm clouds. 
Because so much of my wardrobe is second hand, I'm forced to wonder about the origins of some garments. Someone chose this sweatshirt. Someone said "Hey, I'm gonna slap a bunch of spray paint on this sweatshirt!" And then it happened. I mean, hey. Thanks. But I kinda feel like I've stolen someone's art project. 
Here, I take the trophy for Least Able to Match. Yellow, teal, gray, pink, and purple? Yeah. OK. 

As a reward for coming all the way to this new blog, I'm awarding you with one of the silliest pictures I've ever taken of myself. Enjoy. 
"Bitch," I might say, "I'm fabulous." 

Sweatshirt: Thrifted (Salvo) / Jeans: Target / Shoes: Converse via Shoe Carnival / Scarf: Ebay / Socks: Formerly tights, Wet Seal / Earrings: Soup for the Masses

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