College Fashion

1:48:00 PM

There's a way people dress at college--er, at my college. Mount Holyoke girls--some, not all!--rely heavily on the jeans/sweater/scarf/sensible shoes/glasses look. And I understand. Week days are really hard. You want to be cozy. I'm rarely content with this approach (though you might note that as my stress levels go up, so do my sweater levels). Still, sometimes my selections resemble it. Particularly when the pressures of student life have beaten my insides to a bloody pulp. Um. Metaphorically. 
Although those truly committed to such a look tend to rock pullovers, not cardigans. I suppose it enhances neck comfort, which is something every college student values very highly indeed. There are two main approaches to the pullover sweater: one very J. Crew, the other from Target's men's section.
I think I fall somewhere in the middle. 
I'm not, of course, very good at the sensible shoes bit.
And bright pink lipstick is perhaps not quite in line with the general aesthetic  Oh well. I wish my camera would pick up how pink it really is. I've been stopping traffic.
I'm not entirely sure how I've made it this far without a nap. Ta ta! 

Shirt and Socks: Free bin / Jeans: JC Penney / Sweater: Thrifted (Goodwill) / Scarf: Ebay / Earrings: Target /Shoes: Urban Outfitters

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