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10:49:00 PM

 Let me start this off by saying that there is no way to look like a lesbian. Being a lesbian pretty much just means being sexually or romantically (or both) into ladies when you are yourself a lady. However, understand that I go to a women's college. There is quite the scene of gleeful queerness here. And I approve!  But it also lends itself to...articulating a rather particular aesthetic among lesbian women. I am not myself a lesbian. But uh, as my rather, rather gay roommate put it today: "Hun, you're wearing, like, a collared shirt, and the rolled jeans and the socks with those shoes." Yeah. OK. 
Maybe it's the bow tie? Ha. Really, though. I love this outfit. I love men's clothing. I need to wear more men's clothing. I hate the way it never quite looks the way I want it...but I can't just trade out for a male body  when it's convenient. Ah, well. Boobs are a side effect of my sex. That's cool.
Things I have had said to me today: 
"Are you in a barbershop quartet?"
"If I ran Humans of New York, I would take a picture of you."
"You're kinda channeling The Gay, you know?"

These shoes hurt my feet a bit. D:

Shirt, Pants, Hat. Shoes: All thrifted at Goodwill! / Earrings: Etsy somewhere / Bow tie: Made my me! It’s…a work in progress. And safety pinned on. / Socks: Began their life as tights. From. Somewhere.

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