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1:43:00 PM

I tried to look at least a little bit cute today. And mostly, I think I was successful. Look at my pretty skirt! But I have something to complain about, too.
That thing is this shirt. I like this shirt! It's cool because it's faux-suede. It's a pretty color. It's comfy. And I think it looks good with a lot of what I own. It fits: the bust and shoulders and arms are all a good fit.
That's the thing. It fits me. The shirt is St. John's Bay. (Much of what I've thrifted is. Perhaps an enthusiastic donor is also an XL/1X and a St. John's Bay enthusiast.) And it FITS. The bust goes across my chest they way I'd want it to. The arms are a little roomy, but overall a good fit. My shoulders fill out the shoulder area. 
So why does it look the way it looks? Why is it so loose? I discovered its innate awkwardness today when I  originally had it tucked into this skirt, which I think looked much better. But the length is awkward. The back is gapey. The front hangs weirdly around the tummy, which makes the shoulders bunch up awkwardly when you tuck it into the waistband. Not even forever 21 shit would be constructed this weirdly.
Why? You might make an argument that this is a thrifted item, that's from an era of loose clothing vogue. But no. Fuck that argument. The tag looks modern. The stitching looks modern. It looks this way because this is an article of clothing that is intended for fat people. And that really pisses me off. 
I'm not making this shit up, see for yourself.
I mean, oh well. I still like the shirt, and it was, like, $2. But the unfairness of it all really pisses me off sometimes. And it made my outfit a lot less cute.
At least I have a cute face.

Shirt: Thrifted (Goodwill) / Skirt: Dorothy Perkins / Tights: Target / Earrings: Ebay / Boots: Doc Martens

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