Trousers Most Fowl

10:45:00 PM

My friends call me Bird. This pleases me. Before college, I never really had a nickname. (Well, Bridie is a nickname. But it's the sort of nickname that's practically my name.) It's gratifying. Makes it feel like they like me. With that in mind, these are pretty much the best pants ever. 

Birds! Cute little birds! They're a little hard to pair with things. They wrinkle easily, and I'm usually entirely too lazy to iron them. I don't wear them much. But they're so cute! So every time I do, it's bound to be a good day. And consider that today was a Goodwill trip gone wrong (that is, it was closed), I needed the power of bird pants to lift my spirits.
I seem to get my best sunglasses out of the free bin.

I feel like everybody else in the word does tie-front button-ups better than I do. It looks bulky ans awkward on me and cute on others. To be fair to myself, though, this is a faux-suede shirt. That complicates things.
In other news, I think I'm slowly getting better at liquid eyeliner. Emphasis on slowly.

I'm going to an audition tomorrow. I'd best stop blogging and go to bed. Goodnight! Dream fabulous dreams!

Shirt: Thrifted (Goodwill) / Pants, Cami and Shoes: Dorothy Perkins / Earrings: 10,000 Villages / Necklace: Kohl's / Sunnies: Free bin

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