And That's It, Whatever

2:42:00 PM

My sister and I were all set to go to The Field today, but she woke up ill. That was sad. Still, I had determined I was going to look cool today, so I did. I'm not doing anything fun, but that's OK. 
I'm a little embarrassed by this outfit, though. I mean, don't get me wrong: I like it! A lot! But it also feels blogger. Drapey top, high-waisted pants, overuse of bird prints, chunky heels, a floppy hat...ugh. What have I become? Worse yet, I like all of those features. I like loose tops (perhaps I should have ironed this one?). I like high waists. And these boots are killer. 
I guess that's just who I am now. Still, if I ever buy a pair of Litas, someone give me a talking to, OK? 
These boots are amazing. I love them immensely. Only $4.99, clearly have never been worn, perfect fit--oh! My heart! They're American Eagle. Either they're old, or clunky 90s boots came back sometime recently without my noticing. 
I know this shot is horrendously overexposed, but it was the only one that sufficiently showed off my swans. 

Top and Pants: Dorothy Perkins / Boots: Thrifted (Goodwill) / Earrings: Theater Department sale / Hat: Shit, I dunno

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