If I'm Not A Little Witchy, What Am I?

12:26:00 PM

My mother made me this skirt MONTHS ago, and I decided that it was time to finally wear it. I don't know what was deterring me. Actually, I think I do: I hate ironing. But I ironed. I ironed!
I wasn't sure what to wear with it. This shirt with my favorite kind of owl seemed appropriate. 
Of course, now it feels like the kind of outfit a girl with straight bangs and purple Ray-Bans who only listens to big bang music would wear. (And I've given up on ever having straight bangs.)
Burrowing owls are tiny and live in the ground. They imitate rattlesnakes to scare predators away. These predators are clearly not aware of how cute they are. 
As a final flourish, I chose my witchiest lipstick. 

Tee: Etsy / Sweater: Thrifted (Salvo) / Skirt: Made by my lovely mother / Tights: Simply Be / 
Boots: Doc Martens / Belt: Thrifted (Goodwill)

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