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9:05:00 PM

I'm in love with 90s fashion at the moment. I'm not actually equipped to wear much of it, but I was inspired by these boots and this loose fitting denim. I spent all day feeling like the star of a 1997 show about teenage girls and their problems. And their boots. 
Note that I was born in 1994, and my perceptions of this decade are undoubtedly skewed. 
Fortunately, though--well, rather unfortunately, too, but that's beside the point--I spent a large part of my Saturday wrangling small ones at my baby sister's 9th birthday party. Which took place at a bowling alley. An extremely beige and poorly lit bowling alley. And they played Sheryl Crow's Soak Up the Sun. (From 2002, it's off-decade, but it still felt right. I told you my perceptions were skewed.) Of course, they also played Under My Skin-era Avril Lavigne, but you know. Go figure. 
On a less delightful note, my camera may or may not be broken. It's not worth the repair money, but I have made progress with it. Ugh. I can't afford fashion blogging! 
God, I love this dress. Coming home and taking pictures outside has made me determined to do so at school. My crappy little Samsung doesn't do so well indoors, but look how pretty these are! Once I get over the initial weirdness of others seeing me blog, I think I can manage it on campus and provide you all with a higher quality blogging experience. 
I'm glad I finally got a good picture of these amazing boots. They're not quite as brown as this--more of a deep, dark red. Which enables me to wear them with black. Which is wonderful.
(It was windy.)

Dress: Dorothy Perkins / Jacket and Boots: Thrifted (Goodwill) / Tights: Simply Be / Earrings: Charlotte Russe / Necklace: Shit, I dunno

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