We Can Make It If We Try

5:33:00 PM

WOW WOW WOW I am exhausted. I need Spring Break. A lot. But I tried a little bit to look cute today, featuring my favorite own tee and one of my best ever Target finds. Introducing: This polka dot blazer! (Um, does it count as a blazer if it's soft and stretchy?)
It's comfy and wonderful. It's a large. I probably would have wanted an XL, but this was clearance ($12!!!) and the only one they had, so I rolled with it. 
I can never seem to take good pictures of these tennies. They have stars on them. 
God, these are so clearly my go-to earrings. I love them. 

The light in my room is very, very yellow. So here's a picture that more faithfully represents my actual skin color! (Good lord am I pale.) 

T-shirt: Etsy / Jeans and Tennies: JC Penney / Blazer: Target / Earrings: Charlotte Russe / Necklace: Dunno

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