11:19:00 AM

Yeah. I need to do my laundry. But I was also endlessly excited to try out these newly short shorts! I like them lots and lots, although I find that they are not quite as short and I want. I didn't have the energy to fix that, though. Perhaps sometime soon. I've also been neglecting my docs an unacceptable amount. Perfect combination. I'm feeling pretty damn good. As a friend of mine put it: "With thighs the size of mine, I feel like wearing shorts is kind of a political statement." Damn right, kid. And I'm pretty sure my thighs are quite a bit larger than hers. 
But today! Today is warm and lovely. Just gorgeous. God, I'm going home in two weeks. I'm gonna miss this campus. 
(I love this picture.)

Plaid shirt and tank: Free bin! / Shorts: I think the jeans were from Goodwill. I cut them into shorts. 
Belt: Dorothy Perkins / Boots: Doc Martens / Earrings: Faces / Necklace: Traveling vendor

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