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7:05:00 PM

Holy shit I looked fabulous today. I wish I'd done something a little more exciting than visiting the mall, but that's life. (Besides, I got a new dress, and we all know how I feel about new dresses.)
I know you've all been dying to know what I think about these leggings, so I'll start with that. 
They're available still! Click here! The price seems to fluctuate. I paid about a dollar less than they are now. 
The sizing is accurate. I'm a 1X. I ordered the 2XL. Great fit. The elastic on top is kinda cheap, but like, ten dollar leggings. The waist is nice and high, which I love. They're not at all too long for me, but I'm short, so beware. The material definitely has a weird texture, but I don't mind. They're thick enough to feel like they're really leggings (as opposed to tights with feet, which suck), but beware that they lose some of that opacity in the butt region. What I end up doing when I actually remember to care is putting on really thin leggings underneath. Most of the time, I don't care. It's not really that noticeable. (I had the flash on in these pictures, which made them a lot more see-through looking than they really are. Sorry.)
They're really fabulous. I'm glad I bought them. I'm also really incredibly psyched about my kitty cat shirt! Like, wow, a kitty cat. I love cats. And shirts. Perfect combination. And shoulder pads? I thought I didn't like shoulder pads a few months ago. I was so wrong. 
It's a little tight in the bust, but everything is. Sigh. 
God, this purse is so vibrant in person. I wish the lighting in my room was less awful, and that I were a more skilled photographer. 
I've had this lipstick for like a year and almost never worn it. I'm kind of embarrassed by this now. It's so pretty! 
Look, I'm almost good at liquid eyeliner! 

Top, Boots: Thrifted (Goodwill!)  / Leggings: Ebay / Earrings: Theater Department sale / Sunnies: Free Bin / Bag: H&M

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  1. You are flawless, also shoulder pads look good on you!


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