Heart and Soul

11:57:00 AM

I went to Goodwill with some of my dearest pals yesterday. Lovely time! Well thrifted! But it was bittersweet, as it's probably the last time we'll all go to Goodwill together until September. Ugh. I get sentimental about thrifting. And friends. So, you know. 
I picked up this totally adorable little dress. It's an L and from Gap? OK. Fits me joyously, so whatever. I like it a lot. Simple! Summery! Sweet! 
The sweater is pretty adorable too, though it's really part of this outfit as a sun protectant. It's so warm today! ...and I'm so white! Ugh. Ah, well. I love cardigans. And this one was half-off! 
I tried really hard to take pretty pictures of my sandals and earrings. It didn't really work. 
Also, in the event that you haven't noticed, my hair has been attended to! Lee is a goddess of hairstyles. The side of my head feels all fuzzy. I don't think I've ever had it this light, and it'll probably get lighter in the summer sun, too. 

Dress, Sweater and Hat: Thrifted @ Goodwill / Sandals: Anthropologie / Earrings: A gift! 

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