One Last Day

11:30:00 AM

I have two presentations today, so I got myself a lovely smoothie from The Thirsty Mind and ordered some leggings and an ear cuff from ASOS with my promo code. I don't even feel bad. I feel a bit impoverished, perhaps, but oh well. 
This kind of feels like a fat chick uniform. Loose shirt, beady ass necklace...something about it...looks like a J. Jill catalogue. Oh well. I'm still cute. 
I grabbed this necklace from the free bin and I love it, even if it does make me look like I shop at J. Jill. (Um, if you shop at J. Jill, that's OK. But I'm 18, and it seems a little mature for me. You know.) 

Top, Earrings, and Necklace: Free bin! / Jeans: JCP / Sandals: Anthropologie

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