Money, Honey

7:56:00 PM

This skirt! This skirt! It's clearly one of the BEST things in my wardrobe. I love it so unreasonably much. And it was so easy to make! 
You know those awful loose shorts that I think are one of many fashion mistakes from the 80s? There's a lot of them at thrift stores. And I've bought more than one pair, intending to shorten them. Instead, I ripped out the crotch seam and sewed a straight line down the front and back. Voila! This wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous garment. I'm so proud of myself! Sewing is fun. I need to raise my skill level here and make ALL the pretty skirts. 
For someone who's never been to the ocean, I'm sure into nautically themed clothes. You can't really see the tiny anchors here. What great fabric! 
Few things are as good as a skirt with pockets. 
In retrospect, I'm not sure I like the fake-ass pearls. Oh well, What's done is done. 
Sorry about the runny make-up. It was late, I wasn't gonna freshen up! 

Sweater, Hat: Thrifted @ Goodwill / Skirt: Shorts from Goodwill, made into a skirt / Necklace: Free bin Earrings: Forever 21 / Flats: Payless

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