Sometimes Sunny

6:27:00 PM

I'm majorly majorly majorly stressing about the end of the semester. Truthfully? Yes, I can handle it. But I don't want to. I wish someone would write all my papers for me. I wish someone would just guarantee me a spot in all the classes I need. I wish there was some magic, free storage space immediately available. 
Alas, part of adulthood seems to be handling an adult. I tried to do that today. Research happened. Arguing with the bank happened. Now I'm doing my homework. Not the most delightful activities, but it feels better when I look nice. Besides! The weather was beautiful. And this is my favorite dress. 
I can do this! (Right?)

Dress: Asos Curve / Jacket: Thrifted @ Goodwill / Earrings: Free Bin / Necklace: ??? 
Mocs: Minnetonka

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