An Hour or Two

1:44:00 PM

I realized only after getting dressed that this is almost exactly the same outfit as in my last post. Ruffly dress tucked into a floral skirt! 1970s thrifted bag! Lennon sunnies! Whoops. Well, I did really, really like what I wore on Saturday. I'm not sorry. 
These earrings are so glorious. The wind wouldn't allow me to take a decent picture of them. 
And the skirt! It's made from an old pair of culottes. I decided the print was that exact brand of ugly that lights up my hipstery little soul. 80s culottes are not a good look for me (or really anyone), though, so I ripped out part of the seam and sewed a straight line down the front. It was really simple and really fun! I know it doesn't exactly look like an expert alteration, but I am talentless and therefor proud of myself. I plan on raiding thrift stores and the like for culottes from now on. 
I make a lot of weird faces. I know. 
I think I'm becoming a lipstick person. Oh dear. Today I mixed Covergirl's "divine" and "enchantress" shades together to get this light pinky purple. Delightful. 

Dress, worn as a top & Bag: Thrifted @ Goodwill
Skirt: Came to me from Soup for the Masses as shorts. I made them into a skirt. 
Earrings: Free bin
Sunnies: Ebay
Sandals: Anthropologie

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