4:56:00 PM

Having pretty much posted this outfit before, I'm viewing this post as a vehicle to show off my purple lipstick. About $5 at Target, this "divine divine" purple lippy from Covergirl was an excellent choice. It's bright! It's pretty! It doesn't dry out my lips! It comes in a rectangular mirrored tube, and it also responsible for my favorite red and pink lippies. I'm in love. Next time I wear it, I think I'll mix it with the hot pink. 
Otherwise, you know. I'm home. The semester is over. I wanted to play with my camera. 
This outfit kinda seems like something I would have worn at age 4. I don't think that's something to lament. 
I was really kinda terrible at photographing myself today. 

Sweatshirt: Thrifted @ Salvo / Jeans and Socks: Target / Shoes: Keds via JC Penney 
Earrings: Soup for the Masses

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