I Must Confess

2:44:00 PM

Can we talk about this dress? I found it in the plus size section of my local Goodwill, which I had the pleasure of visiting yesterday. I don't usually find much that interests me there (hell knows that plus size clothes that got rejected by even plus size women, who are cursed with such lack of choice, are fundamentally kind of sad). Besides, I'm a 16, and they classify up to size 18 as "regular."
Still, I'm really glad I did. Because. This dress! I'm a freak for fleurs, and I'm a freak for vintage. There were just tons of these on the rack. No tags, but clearly new-old stock. I got this and a red one and I love them both.
I've been finding them hard to place, decade-wise. They shape, before I messed with the seam placement, was very 60s-triangular, but a little research on the brand ("Village Fair") and an examination of the way the seams were sewn, etc. suggests the mid 80s to me. But I'm really not an expert, so like. Feel free to guess.
ANYWAYS, I loved the dresses a lot, but at a 2X, they were just too big for me. But I adored them! And they were only $3.99 a piece! I ended up taking in about a third of the seam in a diagonal direction, giving the armholes a weird teardrop shape, but also lending the skirt a little volume and definition. It doesn't exactly have a waist, but it's better than the shapeless thing I brought home. I'll probably never wear it (or its differently colored sister dress) without a belt, but that's alright. 
Isn't the pattern pretty?
We also need to have a serious conversation about my jelly shoes. I LOVE THEM. They're a little pinchy. That's the only possible complaint. 
I wore jelly shoes all the time when I was a kid, and have spend the past month wishing I had them again. But the adult version costs a lot! These were $3.99. Man, I love thrift stores. This here is what it's all about, friends. 
ALSO. ALSO. My hair looks totally perfect today. Basically I'm gonna charm everyone at the library today. (Where I'm going to get some beginner's sewing books! Also, trashy fantasy novels. Everyone needs trashy fantasy novels.)

Dress: Thrifted @ Goodwill, altered by me!
 Belt, (jelly!) shoes: ...also thrifted @ Goodwill
Sunnies: Ebay

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