Not Sayin' I'm Givin' Up

5:30:00 PM

I finally got my ASOS order yesterday! I absolutely love these leggings. They're damned comfy, not see-through at all. The print is cool. And I appreciate that the waist is reletively high, because I like to pretend that they're real pants. My only complaint is that the printed panel is white on the inside. They're a little long (no surprise), but because of that, they look gross rolled up. Oh well. 
Along with the leggings, I got an EYEBALL EAR CUFF. Enough said. 

Ugh. Time to go to the library. 

Jacket, Belt: Thrifted @ Goodwill / Leggings + Ear cuff: ASOS / Boots: Doc Martens / Tank: Free bin Necklace: Actually a pin from Soup for the Masses that I wore on a string!

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