Too Hot To Handle

2:01:00 PM

I've promised myself to push limits this summer. One that I'm totally committed to is the wearing of the crop top. I loved wearing what I then called "tummy shirts" as a child! But, well, you know. Insecurities happened. I got older. The patriarchy got to me. (Fucking patriarchy.)
That's bullshit I don't deserve to live with, so I'm trying to get in touch with the six year old child who loved her midriff. Steps have been taken! My Forever 21 "fatkini" came today, and I'm in love. (Pictures soon, I swear!) And I've got all these cool shirts! It's a process. I think this ostentatiously feminist "Slutwalk" shirt lends me some confidence in that arena. Thanks, shirt. 
I've officially had these shorts, also from Forever 21, for a year. I'm surprised by how well they've held up. And I will cry when they fall apart. 
Also, yeah. My socks don't match. Deal. 
AND I LOVE THESE SUNGLASSES!!! (Ahem.) If you're not checking out the Forever 21 men's section, you are not fully utilizing Forever 21 as an institution. They were $5. 
I like these pictures next to each other. It's like Jekyll and Hyde, silly hipster style. 
Shirt: Free bin
Shorts: Forever 21
Sunnies: Forever 21, but sneaky, as are from men's section
Scarf: Vintage from my mother. The tag looks pretty 80s. 
Tennies: JC Penney
Socks: Totally my little sister's, and they don't even match
Earrings: Theater department sale

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