Did You Get Dressed In the Dark?

2:36:00 PM

Goddamn I love this outfit. I feel like I'm wasting it on an insignificant day. 
Honestly, though, you should consider yourself lucky that I don't wear this windbreaker every day of my life. It goes surprisingly well with this black and white polka dot tank from Forever 21. I'm generally kind of terrible at the mixing patterns thing. (I'm not edgy enough. Sorry.) But I feel like this just works!
The gooky earrings help.
I actually might not wear any other shoes all summer. You'd think they'd just about boil my feet from the inside, being made of PVC, but they're surprisingly comfortable. The first couple times I wore them, they insisted on biting into my foot, but they're broken in enough now to be wearable for more than two hours. 

Top and Sunnies: Forever 21
Cut-offs:Free bin. But I did the cutting-off.
Jacket, Earrings, and Shoes: Thrifted @ Goodwill

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