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12:49:00 PM

This is such a fabulous skirt, and I'm ridiculously proud of having made it into a skirt. (If you're just joining me, it used to be shorts.)
Today is my mother's birthday, so there is to be a barbecue and copious amounts of dessert. By way of celebration, I tried to be a little bit festive. And despite it being my mother's birthday, she brought me a present! I think they're the true pinnacle of my look:
Cowpoke boot earrings! They're so wonderfully huge and tacky and great. I guess my mother and baby sister found them at their church's rummage sale and realized that they were meant for me. It's greatly appreciated. I'm a little bit totally obsessed with them.
I struggled to take a good picture, and I don't think I really succeeded. There are two boots with spurs on each earring, and dangling from that are a horseshoe, a saddle, and a horse's head. (The saddle is missing on the left one.)
And I didn't realize until recently that this shirt looks totally great tied up like this! Now that I have, I can't seem to wear anything else.

Skirt: Thrifted @ Goodwill as shorts, made into a skirt by me!
Both shirts and probably the hat: Thrifted @ Goodwill (And left untouched!)
Tennies: Keds via JC Penney
Earrings: A gift from my mother and baby sister, who found them at their church's rummage sale. (Perfect people!)

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