Summer Fest

6:15:00 PM

I went to my town's Summer Fest today. It wasn't very exciting. (My town isn't very exciting.) But the nine year old who was meant to have fun had lots of fun, and I looked great, so I'm going to call it a success. 
Surprise! This is a dress, not a skirt. (Those of you actually familiar with garments appearing on this blog have totally figured that out.) I didn't know it was a dress when I bought it. It was hanging on the skirt rack at Goodwill, so it's still classified in my head as a skirt. This is a shame. It looks amazing as a dress. And so comfy! 
It's also an M from J. Crew. I'm still really impressed that it fits as prettily as it does. 
I wish I had a petticoat. It would look great with a petticoat. 
The hat was mostly to keep my scalp from burning. Trendy hair and pale skin just don't mix. 
Whoops, this is my only pose. 

Dress, belt, hat, shirt, and bag: All thrifted @ Goodwill!
Sunnies: Ebay
Necklace: It is a mystery
Earrings: Theater department sale
Sandals: Anthropologie

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  1. just happened upon you through jerrilinn's and had to tell you that you are cute as a button and stylish as hell. :o)


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