Broad Stripes and Bright Stars

2:37:00 PM

OK, this is probably the finest 4th outfit I've ever put together. I feel delightful. Now, time for some cliches: America loves freedom, And eagles and stuff. I finally feel free to wear short shorts and expose my tummy. That's awesome. The 4th is a great day to celebrate that! 
So I changed up my location! These were taken in my front yard! I, um, took a lot of pictures. Sorry not remotely sorry. 
Sniff. I cut these pants into shorts myself. They look wonderful. 
They were giving out free stickers at the parade. 
My dad took this deeply glamorous picture of me.
Hey, if you're looking to give someone lots of money for posing like a pin-up girl, I want you to know I'm here.
My sister and I often say we exist on opposite sides of the fashion spectrum. 
Happy 4th of July! Happy birthday, America! I'm gonna go ice my flag cake and think about eagles and freedom.

Shirt, Shorts, Earrings, and Hat: Thrifted @ Goodwill
Tennies: Keds via JC Penney
Sunnies: 25 Cental

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