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So Modcloth is having a contest. If you win, you get money. I love money! I'm sure I won't win, but putting together a look inspired from vintage pieces was a lot of fun. 
It took me FOREVER to settle on this, though. And now I'm not even sure I like it. Sigh. "Textbook Style" doesn't really jive with my summer wardrobe. As a last resort, I broke out my old Catholic School Girl knee socks, which I'm surprised I still have. They look cute here! But I'll admit that I was very self-conscious about them the whole day. They feel almost too juvenile. Maybe if they weren't bright white? Ah well.
None of the books I'm currently working on were photo-friendly, so I whipped out the 7th Harry Potter. Why did I pose with a book in the first place? I dunno, it fit the theme. And I miss school.

Both shirts: Free bin
Skirt and Earrings: Thrifted @ Goodwill
Cardigan: Forever 21 Men
Belt: Off an Asos dress
Shoes: A gift!
Socks: A leftover from my days as a Catholic school girl. Yes, really.

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