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So like, I dig Etsy. It's flawed, sure (as highlighted by the now-retired Regretsy, if you're up for a laugh), but there's some fine vintage to be found! Unfortunately, Etsy is a sad place to navigate for plus size ladies, gents, and others. Vintage clothing is like that. But autumn fast approaches and we all deserve to look great, so I've compiled a list of 125 (125!) awesome fall finds with a focus on plus size ladies. And because this is my blog, after all, not a single item here is over $40! I tried very hard to find a variety of sizes, but unfortunately ended up very heavy in the 14/16 range. Vintage is like that. Etsy is like that. I don't think I got past a US 22W (but what I found is cool, so stick around!). Always always always check measurements. Always read the whole description. And hey, a little hint: "Oversized" usually means "this is plus size but I want to sell it to hipsters."

My fall is gonna be all about floral and denim. Um, all of my seasons are all about floral and denim. But also look out for bold, deep colors! I'm tired of beige and cream and plaid. Don't retreat into drab colors! Fall is a time to grab your most rich, saturated hues and stand out while the world turns brown!


Jeans are the ultimate all-seasons garment, but that doesn't mean you can't mix it up this fall! This was undoubtedly the summer of high waisted shorts—and as a high waist obsessor, I see no reason not to carry this trend into autumn. Poke around thrift stores for high waisted jeans! And hey, mix up your washes! A light, bleachy jean will be rad and bright as the temperature drops. And as always, look for color!
Note that these are PLEATED!
I love the buttons! Small-running size 16.
If you are crafty, PLEASE do something this cool with your pants! The seller says that these are a size 10, but big. I wouldn't recommend. them unless you're a small 14.

These aren't jeans, but I don't really have a separate section for cool pants. Try these with crop tops and avoid getting too cold! Size 18/20.


Fall is the perfect time to layer it up and rock all your pretty blouses! Try pairing these tops with cute skinnies  and a cardi or tucked into skirts! And don't forget leggings. I have become a serious proponent of leggings as pants.
I love that this is floral AND houndstooth. Weird. Size 14/16.
Size "12T?" I don't know. Check it against your measurements. Not quite a jacket, not quite a shirt, totally adorable! And it's vintage LB!


Skirts are important part of autumn. Wear them! Wear them before it gets too cold! Nothing more classic than a nice boots and leggings combo. I like to wear skirts with belts and a sweater, or over short dresses.
I'm ALL ABOUT skirts with buttons up the front! This cute plaid and pleaty number is reported to fit like a 14. And it's on sale!
18W. It reminds me of a favorite of my own, and I assure you, you'll look great.

A denim floral pencil skirt??? This is calling to me, but it's probably too small. I'm thinking boots and a blazer? Size 14.

This is totally a skort and I'm not sorry for suggesting it. Size 18.
Adorable! Claims to be a Medium, but the shop has a special size chart. Actually, just...go look at all the skirts it offers...
I'm mostly into the skirt, but the accompanying sweater top is kind of darling. Size XL.
I can't handle the cuteness of this skirt! Size 16.


e is over $40! I tried vFall is a weird season. Sometimes it's still summer-hot. Sometimes it's crazy cold. Versatile ayers are important. Rock these sweaters with anything! Skirts! Jeans! Leggings! Dresses! ...nothing? Ooh la la!
"Oversized." Whatever the hell that means. You'll have to eyeball this one, but what a pretty color!
Guessed to be an XL. Channel your inner jester.


The dress. It's the easiest, most versatile thing in your wardrobe! ...and there's only two in this list. Plus size vintage dresses sell really really fast, OK?
Having actually gone to Catholic school, I have no desire to put this anywhere near my body, but this is so crazy on-trend for fall! Size 17/18, probably juniors. Um, juniors AND vintage. Check the measurements, please!
 XL/XXL, "22 1/2." For bringing out the sexy young co-ed in you.


Fall can be pretty cold. You're gonna need them. And for the most part, I wouldn't recommend Etsy as a source, but here are some cool things that cool people make themselves!
They're everywhere. But these go up to a 3XL! And they're for...aerial performance, so that's pretty cool!
These leggings make me want to cry, and someday, I swear I'll own at least the hot air balloon ones! They only carry up to an XL, but...leggings are stretchy? Ugh, these should be available to everyone.
Help, I need assistance. Ugh. Gorgeous! And there are some plus sizes!


There are a ton here for a reason: Everyone needs them! A favorite of mine, I think denim jackets are at their best in the fall. They sass up leggings. They look adorable over dresses. Scarves love getting all wrapped up in them. They're pin-ready And cozy! Warmth is important.
22W, bleached, and studded! What more could you want?
Claims to be a woman's medium, but an OVERSIZED women's medium. I wager it would go around, if not button up on, an 18, maybe even a 20! But maybe you should not trust my guesswork.

I'm thinking this will fit an XL. Looks kinda badass, huh? Maybe it's just the sassy mannequin. 

These are just a few of my favorites from a newly discovered and totally amazing shop. Go check them out! Lots of beautiful things, and their clothes come in a good variety of sizes! Seriously, I usually cringe at the word "upcycled," but their gorgeously dyed denim is all I've ever wanted. Buy me a jacket!


Ah, blazers! I'm trying to commit to more blazers in the coming season. They add warmth, structure and pizzazz to any outfit.

A good-quality size 16 plaid blazer. Try it with bright colored skinnies and hot lips!
I ADORE THIS SIZE 14 BLAZER. I'm going hunting for a thrift store lookalike. Wouldn't it look darling with a navy and white polka dot shirt and some jeans?

This isn't quite a blazer, but it's cool and someone should buy it. Claims to be a 4X/5X. It's not. Maybe a smaller 3X could wear this. Maybe.
Worn by a size 16 in this picture. Wear this with your cutest daytime LBD!


I'm a college student who lugs her laptop everywhere, so even though I think there are eight million adorable backpacks and the like out there, I rock a clunky one with a laptop pouch. Here are some must-haves I cannot have. 
SO FREAKING CUTE. Clearly some sketchy crap-goods reseller and not worth $35, but I want something similar if my backpack ever goes south.
How darling! This comes in a lot of colors. Tons of cool stuff in the shop!
This is visibly beat up, but I love the shape and color.
I think this leather bag is a major deal at $20! Looks spacious enough to carry around a few books, and way cute!
This strangely shaped purse cuts out the excess for cool kids who only ever use one shoulder strap on principle.


Fall is all about the BOOTS, baby! ...but vintage boots are a major pain. They're even smaller in the calf than new boots. These are mostly pretty short.
I don't really know what size these are. I guess you're supposed to know your foot's dimensions.
Size 6. Men's six? Women's 6? Do you know about shoes? Go find out.


Headbands of this sort are a good compromise. They keep your head warm. But not too warm. You'll look adorable in these!
This shop has a lot of these and I sort of want them all.
IT'S EXPENSIVE BECAUSE IT'S ART. Apparently. I wouldn't know. But it's really pretty.
So this is totally for babies, but it comes in various sizes and is stretchy, so I think it's OK. Maybe. Maybe I fucked up.
This sort of thing! I can't really do this look anymore. Because I cut off all my hair. But it sure is cute! I like the zigzags on this headband.


I love hats. Hats are perfect. And they neatly conceal bad hair days! A nice knit hat will keep you feeling cozy and sweet, but you guys know what that looks like. This year, I'm all about hats with a little more structure. Bowers and fedoras are where it's at.

This is adorable! Alas, it is perhaps best suited for those with very small heads. The tragedy of vintage hats.
I know it looks a little drab, but I think it's an important part of my surely upcoming 1980s John Hughes protagonist cosplay.


How could we survive fall without scarves? Scarves take a boring outfit and make it wonderful. Here I've got the two most important varieties: Thin and silky, huge and chunky. Wear them with, well, everything!
This might be the coolest thing I've ever seen. And I'm not even into astrology!
Florals for fall are really a thing for me. This scarf is minty blue, a color that was everywhere this season.


I know what you're thinking. But eye protection is very important! All year long! And where I'm headed (ahem, New England), fall can be an extraordinarily bright time of year. Rock some fab sunnies whenever you go out.


This fall I'll be wearing long necklaces that poke out under all my cozy scarves. Gold tones, mostly. It depends on what I can find for a dollar on eBay. And as always, I am an advocate of big earrings. Go big or go—well, go big or don't wear earrings.

 Much as I love my giant earrings, these cute little buttons are great for when you want to showcase something else. Or even if you just want to avoid being as obnoxious as I am.


Lipstick is the only make-up I sincerely care about. This fall is going to be full of dark, witchy lips. And buying make-up on Etsy is cool, because it's usually made by someone rad! Here's a decent variety of opacity in tones I really like, but lipstick color is pretty personal, so you should definitely poke around yourself.

You can see all of this together, though poorly organized, on Etsy by CLICKING HERE.
Rock on, autumn fans. Rock on. 
I can't promise I won't just buy all of this.

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