Huge Shirt

7:05:00 PM

This is the kind of look that will someday land me on What Not to Wear. Or at least in some kind of recovering hipsters' rehab center. And yeah, I'm not that sure that the giant denim shirt is the best look on me. I'm pretty short. It kind of swallows me whole.
That said, I think it's a fun want to remix this always adorable zebra dress from Dorothy Perkins. I wore it with some brassy accessories to give the dress a twist that certain stylists might call bohemian. I call it the basic color palette of my jewelry collection.

Shirt: Wrangler, borrowed from my dad
Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Mocs: Minnetonka
Earrings: Free bin
Necklace: I dunno
Sunnies: Ebay

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