Maybe, Possibly

4:31:00 PM

Today isn't exactly cold, but it was not-hot enough to let me pretend it's almost fall. And as the first day of August, I guess it kind of is, provided your fall is dictated by when the semester starts. I move in on the 1st, so clearly it's time to get an idea of what I'm all about this summer.
I'm pretty much committing to skirts, tights, and boots. I know that's not new, but it works for me! With that as a staple, I think it will be fun to explore some new style avenues. Today I'm sporting a look that speaks to my oh-so-comfortable dirty hipster chic. Paired with a wild bun and a statement necklace (UNDER the collar, gasp!), it's a little...academic? I dunno, I'm pleased with it.

Shirt: Burlington Coat Factory
Skirt (used to be shorts) and necklace: Soup for the Masses
Tights and boots: Thrifted @ Carousel Thrift Shop
Earrings: Thrifted @ Goodwill
Sunnies: Ebay

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