Navy Dreams

3:49:00 PM

I love navy. I own TONS of navy. I think this navy-on-navy look gives the illusion of a dress. And I've gotta say, this would make a cute dress! Much cuter than the shirt is by itself! Maybe if I can find the right fabric, something can be done to salvage this ill-fitting top. ...thoughts!
It's hot today. I miss my full shoe collection. I'm tired of these flip flops. Thank god I'll be back at school on Sunday! 

Clare wanted to be on my blog. She's very proud of her first day of school outfit. The girl's in fourth grade now and almost as tall as me! Lord. Anyways, her commentary was simply "these are good pants." So. 

Top, Hat and Skirt: Thrifted @ Goodwill
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Earrings: Theater department sale
Sandals: Anthropologie

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  1. I own way too much navy clothing as well. I don't even know where it keeps coming from! lol

    You gals are both such snappy dressers. I remember that up until my last year of high school, first day of school outfits were always super important. I could wear a trash bag the rest of the year but I had to be on my game on day one!!

    1. Clare wore a uniform to school until last year, so I think it's EXTRA exciting for her. And for me! I wore a uniform from kindergarten till 12th grade. We tried: shoes, hair, cute socks...but we were still wearing boxy plaid skirts and ugly polos. I suspect this fueled my now rather intense fashion obsession.


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