Seeing Stripes

5:30:00 PM

Today my dad and I took my little sister to see the Percy Jackson movie. It was pretty cool, though I didn't see the first one and was pretty confused about some things. I imagine I would have been mad about those books at her age, though. Such excitement!
Thematically, I didn't really match. But I'm sure the Olympians had better things to worry about than whether I matched their aesthetic. 
I used to have this weird thing about color families. Brownish stuff I wore with other brownish stuff, and blackish stuff went with other blackish stuff. I don't know why, but I felt this was a rule. I'm slowly learning that I don't care at all and have thus paired my black and white maxi dress (which I Finally! bothered to hem last night) with my trusty straw hat and decidedly tan sandals.

Shirt: Burlington Coat Factory
Dress: Target
Sandals: Anthropologie
Earrings: Free bin
Hat: Thrifted @ Goodwill
Sunnies: Forever 21 Men

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