Soon I'll Be Moving

2:13:00 PM

I picked up this utterly adorable dress at Goodwill yesterday. Comfy, fits me remarkably well despite being a size 10 (weird things happen), and Lands End in good condition! Lands End rarely suits me on an aesthetic level, and there clothes are far and above out of my budget, but my mother raised me on the notion that they are made to last. Oh, how she loved their overstocks catalog. The little me got a lot of dresses and shirts with ponies on them that way.
Ahem. More importantly, this suitcase. I'm such a sucker for vintage luggage. It's plastic and lightweight, but it seems pretty sturdy. I needed to replace the suitcase I bring back and forth on the train anyway. The perfect size for snacks, books, and a blanket! Inevitably, buying this ($3!!!) suitcase led to thinking about going back to school. I'm excited to get the semester rolling. I leave on the 30th. 

Dress and Suitcase: Thrifted @ Goodwill
Jacket: Vintage, my mom's
Sandals: Anthropologie
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Sunnies: Ebay
Earrings: Theater Department sale

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  1. LOVE that dress! You make me want to get up and thrift every time I read your blog!


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