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I have so many new things! If I can get my act together, there should be a new thrifting haul on my youtube channel soon, this time featuring on my my premier thrifting friends. Until then, I thought you'd all benefit from some reviews! I splurged on some Forever 21 goodies and finally took the plunge on my eShakti referral credit. Here are my thoughts


This skirt is sort of everything I've been dreaming of. A little longer than expected, but I can work with that! The color is gorgeous and the fit is perfect. 100% recommendation, but you might want to customize length if you're not looking for something below the knee.

Long! So long! It promised to be at the knee! Ugh! And the waistband is too big. But I love the design of this crinoline! I have to roll it up to prevent it from poking out of most things, but it delights me nonetheless. Of course, anything that promotes dress foof delights me. 

They currently have this only in purple, but I think the emerald green color is lovely. I like the pleats. The sleeves are well constructed! This is the dress I shall wear to be a waitress in a 50s diner, which is clearly in my future plans.

Clear favorite! It's perfect! Magnificent! I love it! I asked for regular short sleeves because I sort of detest capsleeves, and it really worked out. (Eee, first design customization!) I LOVE THIS DRESS. Also, gotta recommend it to busty ladies. I'm a DD/DDD, and this doesn't even pull!

It took me some time to like this dress, but it's grown on me. A lot of that growing happened when I tried it on with the proper bra. Gorgeous print and cut. I really like the buttons up the back! Very much summer weight, though. If you want to wear this in the fall, plan on thick tights! Comes with a sash and removable straps that doesn't do much. 

Overall, I'm tremendously pleased with my order. I wish the crinoline fit better. Maybe I'll send it back? Not sure I can, since I bought it with those referral gift cards. We'll see. But the other pieces are GORGEOUS. My only complaint is that the dresses are weirdly hard to get in and out of, but I'm a lazy college student who likes stretchy clothes better than any other kind, so...
Anyways, all 5 items were free to me. I'm not really in a position to complain.


This dress isn't actually available anymore. Sorry guys. But I'm 99% sure it will come back, because it's a $12 jersey dress in a pretty color. Usually they bring back things that sell out quickly. If they do: Buy this! I got the 1X and I love the way it fits, but it's definitely clingy. Sizing up might be preferable for some, considering that this claimed to be a skater dress. An adorable piece for looking like you tried when you didn't!
Ugh, this is ALSO gone from the website. If you see this is store and have a big chest: Size up! I'm wearing a 2X, and the chest fits like a gem. There's extra room in the waist, though. Still, cute dress. I like the way it falls. 

These are my opinions! No one sponsors me! My thoughts! Yes! But uh, hey eShakti—we're bros. I wouldn't mind giving probably-positive reviews if you wanted to send some free stuff my way. Wink wink.
I'm not interested in a sponsorship from Forever 21 and should really stop shopping there because they're evil, but I don't think they care what I think of them. 

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  1. Aw, what a bummer about that crinoline skirt! It's so pretty!

    I've made a few orders from eShakti and always get custom sizing just to be on the safe side. So far so good!


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