Just Checking in!

7:20:00 PM

I am sick. I am busy. I am in a gym class that requires that I wear sweats twice a week, and changing my clothes is hard.
Ah! Blogging! It's probably good for me to take a break from this blog from time to time. Considering my erratic health this semester, constant sleep deprivation and full workload, I've got plenty to do. Perhaps expect fewer quality posts from me for a while? In the mean time, here's today's look. Polka dots and chambray always make me feel pretty cute.
Shirt and Earrings: Free bin
Jeans: Target
Sweater: Thrifted @ Salvo
Boots and Necklace: Amazon

If you follow me on tumblr, you've been seeing me outfits. Here's a recap of the past couple of weeks.

Are you sensing a theme here? Yeah, I'm pretty married to my denim jacket. 

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