An Undertaking

4:13:00 PM

I HAVE DONE SO MANY ADULT THINGS TODAY. Of course, I also shamefully skipped my early class. (Most shamefully. I'm very ashamed.) Obligations are hard. Four classes in one day are hard. Working in groups? Hard. Approaching professors with requests and questions? Hard. I also had a meeting with the study abroad office, which was hard, what with the adult communication and all. To accommodate all this stress and strife, I put on the comfiest outfit I could while still looking like I'd bothered to change out of pajamas. I've sort or posted it before. Oops. But here are better pictures!
Doesn't this sweater look cozy? Don't be fooled, it's itchy as hell. Yet I persist in wearing it.
In a distant past, I wear any necklace other than this one.

Dress and Earrings: Thrifted @ Goodwill
Sweater: Vintage via Roz's Place
Leggings: Free bin
Boots and Necklace: Amazon
Socks: Dollars 'N Things (I bought many many pairs and I'm not ashamed)

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