Check-in #2: I hope this isn't becoming a pattern.

4:28:00 PM

I don't want to let this blog fall by the wayside, but lately I'm either crazy busy or crazy tired. Usually both. Also it's crazy gross outside, rendering me totally unmotivated to take cute and autumnal pictures of my outfits. 
College is hard, guys. The end of the semester is hurdling towards me, and with it comes the rest of my life...?!?!? Should I study abroad? Should I really do this double major thing? What should I be doing with my money? How do I handle all these loans? What am I doing with my summer? Why don't I have a cool job? Ah! Then of course there's the ever-present existentially horrifying college student questions of Why Am I Here? and What's the Point? and What Comes After Death? and What Kind of Economy Am I About to be Dumped Into? and Is It Wise to Subsist Totally on Pasta?, but those probably aren't interesting to you lovely readers. Best to ponder them alone anyway.

Stuff is hard. Really hard. I'm always tired but always tired but never get enough rest. I'm always aware that I should be working, but when I'm working I just want to sleep. Yes. This is college. This is especially college if you're me.
But even though I'm ripping apart at the seams a little bit this semester, it's important to me that I keep getting dressed. It's something I'm good at. And in control of. That's important, you know? Having something I can harness and call my own is so important. Maybe that's not a common or healthy coping mechanism, but sometimes my wardrobe feels like the only steering wheel I have.
What a terrible metaphor. 

'Tis the season for sweaters and floppy hats. I'm not about to apologize. 

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  1. You're looking great! Everything sounds crazy stressful right now, sending good vibes your way! I hope you figure it all out and feel better.You deserve it!


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