The Weather Outside Is Frightful

2:03:00 PM

Hell friends! Finals are finally (ha) over and I am back home in Chicago for the break. I've been having sort of a tough and crazy and stressful time of it lately. Ugh, "sort of" is an understatement. It's really great to be back in my own head! I'm home with my dogs and enjoying the Christmas season immensely. The next logical step was the first cute outfit in entirely too long. It was cold and wet and slippery today, but I still had an immense amount of fun taking these pictures. Ah, how blogging lifts the spirits!
I borrowed one of my dad's immense and utterly ridiculous shirts. My butt's a little too big for it to just be a dress on me. What do I call this? A tunic??
This hat is thoroughly mine, but I don't really understand where it came from. It used to be my sister Siobhan's, but I'm not sure where she got it? From a friend? I won't ask, I like things better when they're mysterious.

Shirt: Borrowed from my dad
Leggings: Free bin
Boots: Thrifted @ Savers
Earrings: Thrifted @ Goodwill
Necklace: Amazon
Hat: From my sister, of mysterious origins???

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