we’ve wandered mony a weary fit

3:25:00 PM

Hello, friends! I'm an a little shocked to find that an entire year has come and gone. Some part of me is still convinced it's 2012. Yet I've grown so much this year! Here's a short video featuring every outfit that made it as far as my tumblr, all 182 of them! It's interesting to watch. In the beginning of the year, I can clearly see myself still stuck in the "I WANT TO WEAR EVERYTHING FOREVER AND BE REALLY COOL ALL THE TIME" stage. I think that's something a lot of women who let their negative body image get in the way of having a sense of style for too long go through. It's fun to watch myself finally move onto clothes and looks that feel like me. I've developed a sense of personal style! An accomplishment if ever there was one! I look forward to further stylish adventures and invite you all to stick around.
Too lazy for the video? I respect that. Below are some highlights: My top 20 outfits for the year. I'm, um...an indecisive person.

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