I Want To Fly Away

5:27:00 PM

I started classes today! It was kind of a massive, insurmountable struggle to get out of bed and leave the actual building, but I managed and actually had a sort of nice day. I'm taking Astronomy--please help me--and Medical Anthropology, both of which I liked quite a bit. Tomorrow I've got two methods classes, Anthro and Gender Studies, so here's hoping!
I kind of tossed this outfit together but ended up liking it immensely. This jersey bird dress from Asos Curve was on super sale and I'm a little in love with it? But mist admit that it's not what was expected. They were out of the 14, which is solidly my Asos Curve size. I bought this skater skirt in a 14 and it's frankly a little big without a belt. This dress in a 16? Ridiculously large. And I knew that was coming, though I think it's profoundly stupid that they don't just admit what their sizes are. But it promised to be empire waisted and mini, two things it distinctly isn't. Ah, well. I still think it's adorable. I'm gaining skills in sale shopping. 

PS, I'll be wearing these boots nonstop until March. If not after that.

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  1. Love the dress and you look adorable in it. Your classes sound fascinating! You will have to keep us posted on all the interesting things you learn as the semester progresses! :o)


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