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3:10:00 PM

Hello there! It's finally warm enough again to eschew what my mother calls "the cold apartment in Moscow" look, but I've grown far too used to warmth and comfort to give it up so easily. I dressed it up a little today. Um, if adding lip gloss and a scarf can be said to be dressing it up.
As this blog is solid proof of, my usual approach to looking cute is leaning towards a more feminine presentation. I think it's about time I started challenging that idea. I look totally cute in rolled up jeans, clunky ass "Mainer boots" (my mother's phrase) and my dad's pullover. My less traditionally feminine tastes deserve more recognition.

And my Bean Boots showed up rather unexpectedly yesterday! They were very backordered when my overly generous father ordered them for me after Christmas. In this wretchedly damp and slushy weather, they were a more than welcome surprise. Comfortable and utilitarian, sure! But I think I've come around to finding them utterly cute, too. I was a little worried I wouldn't like the way they looked. I was wrong. What else shall I wear them with? (Everything. I've still got the rest of a Massachusetts winter ahead of me and I'm really looking forward to dry feet.)

Sweatshirt: Totally my dad's
Jeans: Levi's via Amazon
Scarf: ModCloth
Hat: Handmade by someone
Boots: L.L. Bean

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  1. You're so cute. Love your style.

  2. I'd say anything that is not pajamas is considered "dressed up." It doesn't have to be one particular style. Your outfit is splendid and surprisingly functional. (And I secretly love those boots a whole lot, too, even though I probably shouldn't because they're not "fashion" enough. Ha!)


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