4:41:00 PM

Hello there, friends! I'm back at school for the semester and committed to looking cute. Today's look was inspired by the good people who cut wood. (And, perhaps, in celebration of the upcoming Lumberjanes.) Alternately, I bought this shirt on steep clearance from the men's section of Target yesterday--though I insist that clothes have no gender--and wanted to wear it. I was also excited to try this all-too-delightful skater skirt from Asos Curve! There's a clear reason they're so popular. Look at this!
I'm in love. I want it in other colors. My only complaint is the length. I wish they'd sell one tailored for short people.

Shirt: Target, very much in the men's section
Skirt: Asos
Boots: LL Bean
Necklace: Amazon
Earrings: Faces

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