Bye, February

2:27:00 PM

It's the last day of Fatshion February! For those not in the know, Fatshion February is just kinda a month for cute fat people to be visible and wear clothes and talk about it. Sure, I kind of do that all year, but I do find it delightful! So many cuties with cool thoughts come out of the woodwork. And February is gross and a particularly challenging time to feel wonderful about yourself (for me, at least), so it presents a fun challenge coupled with a whole bunch of much-needed positivity and love.
I was really intense about it last year. I mean, I made some regrettable choices, but I made them intensely. This year's FatFeb seems a little more honest. I tried to wear clothes that made me happy! But I also tried to dress to suit occasions and feelings. And I certainly didn't take a picture every single day. That was nothing short of exhausting.
Today I had obligations, but it was cold. That's a difficult combination. I dig what I came up with, though.

Shirt: Roz's Place Vintage 
Skirt: Asos Curve
Cardigan: Marshall's
Shoes, Necklace: ModCloth
Scarf: ebay???
Earrings: Free bin
Bag: Thrifted @ Goodwill

Just for fun, enjoy this collage I made of my month. Or um. Some of it.

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