Stars and Mars

4:52:00 PM

I AM A GALACTIC WARRIOR FOR JUSTICE. Or, uh, that's what I've been telling myself all day. Something about my variously cheeky and political pinback spattered denim jacket and SPACE LEGGINGS make me feel like I can take on the world. Also: blue lipstick. I don't wear this enough. It's such a great color. And it turns heads! Which can be a damn good feeling.
That's the kind of armor I need in dreary February. Also I took approximately 87 million pictures of myself. Selfies are important. 
Can we all pretend I didn't get foundation in a really weird place on my dress? It's an embarrassing tale.
It was so warm today! I went out in just this jacket and scarf and didn't turn into a Popsicle even once.

Dress: Thrifted @ Goodwill
Leggings: eBay
Jacket: Vintage via mom
Boots: LL Bean
Glasses: Amazon
Earrings: Asos
Socks: Dollars 'N Things

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  1. ahhh you got your pins! YAY! and also, this lipstick is amazing :)


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