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1:55:00 PM

Friends! Fatshion February is an exciting time! I love looking at everyone's outfits. A lot. And I love that I'm motives to actually take pictures. Um, mostly. But I'm also a lazy college student, so please enjoy two outfits in one post.
This first ones features the bold fashion choice of the lazy: DOUBLE DENIM. I dig it, but even I don't usually wear such close denims together. The picture differentiates their colors much more than the naked eye, I assure you. 
But I just kind of needed it. A bunch of stuff happened to me today--an astronomy quiz, doctors. Ugh. Responsibilities. Sometimes clothes are like armor. Sometimes I need to borrow the toughness of everyone who's worn this jacket before me an barrel through.
But sometimes it's snowy and February, so I also need pants without holes at the same time. Ah, fashion.

T-shirt: Um, a concert
Plaid: Thrifted @ Goodwill
Jacket: Vintage
Jeans: Levi's vis Amazon
Boots: L.L. Bean

Then there's this delightfully cozy scarf and sweater combo. I didn't wear this for all of yesterday, but uh, snow happened and so did this giant blue sweater.

Sweater, Jeans: Thrifted @ Goodwill
Scarf: ModCloth
Boots: L.L. Bean

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