Wanna Make a Ray of Sunshine

4:35:00 PM

Friends! Yesterday I convinced myself that I could do something other than rubbing in curl cream to my hair. I'm proud to announce my invention of the fake beehive, which involves far more bobby pins than should be allowed. Also, it was doubtfully invented by me. Other short haired maidens have probably thought of this and done a better job.
But I'm still pleased! Combining this scarf (a scarf is necessary, to hide the bobby pins) with my pink and perfect floral shirt seemed the natural conclusion.

I'm also sporting a number of new buttons on my trusting denim jacket! Perhaps you can spot the ones I bought from Fat and Nerdy.

Shirt: Etsy
Jeans: Thrifted @ Goodwill
Boots: Doc Martens
Scarf and Jacket: Vintage from my mom
Earrings: Theater Department sale
Glasses: Amazon

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