Worthy and Wicked and Bright

2:41:00 PM

In two days I have thoroughly rekindled my hobby: Aggressively demanding that my friends take lovely Togetherness Pictures with me. Also it's Alina's birthday! We celebrated by celebrating how totally on point her everything is.
It's silly. We laugh the whole time. We exist in a culture that doesn't want us to think highly of ourselves or have much control over how we present ourselves, so the whole process feels a little strange and dangerously vain.
That's why I do it. That's why this is so important. Even if we giggle and freeze when strangers walk by, even if we're intensely nervous and self-conscious, we're doing something radical and important. Don't believe the HuffPost OpEds that want you to believe that we're breaking down important social mores and ruining our capacity for creativity, self-sufficience and success. Don't believe that niggling voice in the back of your head that calls us insecure, needy "attention whores."
Believe just the opposite. This isn't about looking pretty from every angle or making men drool. We reject beauty standards and we reject the implicit assumption that we are motivated purely by the male gaze.
We are loving ourselves. These are images of our smiles, our clothes, our laughter, our friendships. It's 2014: We're young, we're mad, we're really fucking great. 
I don't want to let the world break me. I love red lipstick and high waisted jeans. I love my smile. I love Ali's smile! I love Lee's smile! I love to make my (totally hot!) friends smile. We're not supposed to broadcast how beautiful and worthy and wicked and bright we think we are. Gonna do it anyway. 
Ali tells me that everything she's wearing is from a Romanian department store. She also tells me that everything is much cheaper there. I'm jealous.

Top, Jeans, Hat, Earrings: Thrifted @ Goodwill
Necklace: Modcloth
Purse: Thrifted @ NoHo Hospice Shop
Shoes: Free bin
Glasses: Amazon

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