2:52:00 PM

Oh, how excited I am about this outfit! Instead of sensibly putting myself to bed last night, I spent about two hours making a vintage dress that never really worked for me into a skirt. I didn't really do that much. It used to look like this:
It wasn't uncute, but it was far too big and sort of an awkward shape all around. I loved the fabric too well to ever surrender it to the free bin and now I'm quite glad that I kept it around. All I really did was cut off the top and sew in an elastic waistband. Said waistband was chopped off a pair of boxer shorts I found in the free bin alongside several other decidedly men's items. They may very well have belonged to a student, of course, but I like to think some girl broke up with her boyfriend and angrily trashed all his stuff. Good for you, stranger, and thanks for the sweatpants.
I love my skirt. Floral skirts all summer long.
Skirt: Thrifted as a dress from Goodwill, made into a skirt by me!
Dress, bag, belt, bracelets, earrings: Thrifted @ Goodwill
Shoes: Free bin

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