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5:18:00 PM

Hey kiddos! It's finally warming up again. I didn't pack for cold, late spring at the end of the semester. I packed for summer! So I'm grateful to be shedding the same jeans and giant pink hoodie I've been wearing nearly nonstop lately. Today was spent mostly among rude parrots. I spent the morning feeding them and cleaning up after them--their habits are disgusting, but they are several of them sweet and all of them deserving of their coveted Forever Homes, so if you're in the position to open your home to a bird, contact the Greater Chicago Cage Bird Club's adoption program. There are all sorts of birds at the shelter and they're cute and wonderful.
But after that I got to listen to old radio shows performed live! It was rad. I looked rad. But who wouldn't look rad in cowpoke boots and bright red matte lipstick?
Allow me to take a moment and gush about their CALVIN KLEIN JEGGINGS. Normally designers' prestige means little to me, but as I got these out of the free bin and didn't have to pay the $70 they would have cost, it's exciting. They're just what I was looking for. Such luck!!!

Bodysuit: Forever 21
Jeggings: Free bin
Jacket: Vintage via mom
Boots: Thrifted @ Savers
Earrings: Asos
Necklace: Amazon

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