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Having this blog is kind of weird. Most of the time it's about what I wear, but sometimes the pictures of my outfits sort of puddle over into art. Which is odd. I don't think of myself as a photographer, nor my photos as photography. But there is an element to this process that is art. Performance art? Is that the right word?
I just think there's something incredibly powerful about taking pictures of myself. The poses, the scene, the flavor: I'm in control of my presentation in the most delicious way. It is a performance, no question. But in my pictures I try to walk the line between honesty and performance. They're not mutually exclusive concepts but...
Think of it this way. "Selfies" and social media trends in general are often accused of being misleading. People post what elements of their lives they find glamorous and suitable for showing off. I think  that's a really unfair and inaccurate reading of why Facebook users, Snapchat enthusiasts, bloggers, etc. do what they do. We're telling our stories. Our stories. Our own. We get to choose who has access to these autobiographies. And they're collaborative. So of course we're trimming away the bits that don't interest us. But each InstaGram photo, each Facebook status, each blog post is a little piece of who we think we are. 
I hope I'm not boring you, and I really hope I don't sound like an advertisement. These photos are a little piece of my story.
Is it art if you have to explain it? Probably.
I'm a muddy young lass disappearing into fairy. I know I'm late to the flower crown party.Fashionably late.
Why do I always post what is effectively the same image three times? Ah well.
Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Thrifted
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Floral wreath: Made by me!!
Necklace: Amazon

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  1. Not a boring post at all, B! (Is it ok if I call you that??) I think your take on why we post so much crap online is spot on. I think a lot of the designers on Project Runway would agree that art is something that takes a lot of explanation.. though the judges might not agree. ;)

    I'm DYING over your lipstick! What's the brand, color, country of origin? (Jk about that last spec.) I gotta know!


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