She Almost Drives Me Crazy

8:46:00 PM

This is the Palette on Parade Dress from ModCloth. I got it during their massive 50% off sale and I'm so glad. I was afraid I wouldn't like it, having admired the You're in Luck style only from afar. The pattern is, I admit, a bit much. But I guess I'm a bit much. I'm 100% in love and was easily the most colorful thing at my cousin's bridal shower this afternoon. 
The house it was held at was done all up in huge floral patterns, lace, and birds. I wanted to live there. The woman who owned it complimented my look, which is almost as good.
I know those mocs don't match at all, but they're a little more respectable than my old red ones and SO COMFY. I thought about digging out my old ankle strap dance shoes. I doubt I'll even dance again, so converting them to street shoes in their retirement is fine. But I decided I valued comfort over cohesion. These mocs are moose hide and lovely.
Note that I am 5"4 and this dress is a little shorter than I thought it would be. I mean, it hits at my knees, but based on the pictures I thought it would be longer. I think the plus size version of this dress might be shorter than XS-XL.
The dress is  much brighter in real life than it looks on their website! You'll turn heads.

Dress: ModCloth
Belt: Off a vintage dress thrifted @ NoHo Hospice
Bangle: Thrifted @ Goodwill
Mocs: Minnetonka
Sunnies: Forever 21

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  1. Oh oh oh, I just adore the lip color you decided on for this dress! It looks flawless.

    And I hear ya about the shoes. I've made questionable foot choices as well just for the sake of comfort/nothing-else-really-matched-so-why-the-heck-not-just-go-for-it.


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