For Today is Your Day of All Days

3:12:00 PM

When my baby sister was a toddler, she loved Noggin, a children's programming channel that I think has been acquired by Nickelodeon. Several times a day all the little network characters would have a party and sing this song:
"Today is your birthday! We're so glad you came along! Today is your birthday, so we're singing you this song! Now you're older, now you're smarter--wow, you've really learned a lot! Now you're older, now you're smarter! There's no telling where you'll stop!"
This was directed at 2 year olds, but it jives with me still.
Today is my birthday! My neighbor was having a garage sale and gave me this hat for free. I don't think she knows it's my birthday, but I'm going to pretend it was intended as a gift.
Also I totally broke the screwy thingy on my camera, so I apologize for the weird angle of all these pictures. Funny--the camera is maybe 18 months old, and the tripod about eight years. The camera broke first.

Top: Forever 21
Dress: Asos
Sandals + sunnies: ModCloth
Belt: Thrifted @ Goodwill
Necklace: Amazon

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  1. Happy Birthday! This look is rad!

  2. Happy birthday! I love this outfit so freakin much. Have a good one!


  3. Happy belated birthday! That hat suits you amazingly.


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